Kids do what you do…

458) Volunteered at the school Book Fair.

459) Gave a man asking for money a couple of dollars on my birthday. I don’t know what it is but recently I have been feeling very grateful for my life and everything I am blessed to have so when I see someone asking for money I want to give. My son has said a couple of times to me recently since the weather has changed and it has gotten colder and more rainy that he feels badly for someone who doesn’t have a warm place to sleep at night. It gave me the wonderful opportunity to discuss how we might be able to volunteer at a shelter or agency that can help homeless people.

460) After the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, I mentioned learning about a mitzvah to make a silent prayer of recovery and renewed health when you see an ambulance passing by. (See Entry on October 4th) I have seen or heard and ambulance atleast three times since then and done exactly that but more importantly my son has also. He has said each time both to me and my husband that we should send a prayer. I am so moved by my children’s decision to do this and it makes me so happy when I realize they do watch, listen and learn from us.


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