Say thanks for something you have enjoyed…

461) Made a meal for a friend and her family after my friend had just undergone  surgery.

462) Referred a colleague to someone and made sure to call her with that information.

463) Followed up with someone looking to volunteer to connect her with the right person at the agency.

464) Sent a thank you note to a client.

465) Volunteered at school.

466) Called a friend who was home sick.

467) Followed up with an associate who was looking for some specific information I could provide.

468) Sometimes, after a lecture or an event or even after reading a book I am tempted to call or email or send a thank you note to let the other person know how much I enjoyed whatever. Today, I did actually make the call rather than just think about it. I know it meant something to the coordinator to hear my feedback. So many times we only hear the bad and it is such a pleasure to get good feedback sometimes too!

469&470) Realized the bill I had received in two cases didn’t seem right and mentioned it to the business owner, in one case it was correct but she thanked me for my honestly and in one case I had been charged too little and she also thanked me for noticing that discrepancy.


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