Playdate mitzvahs

472) Helped a woman at the market get a shopping basket.

473) Helped a woman at our local community center who was looking for someone to help her locate what she needed.

474) Today at school, one of my daughters best friends was waiting for her mom to pick her up after school. She is often a few minutes late so I didn’t think much about it, but on the way out of the parking lot I figured I should call her mom and see if I could bring her home instead. It turned out that several pieces of information had not been relayed and she should have gone home with another child from school. I went back and picked her up and would have delivered her to that other friend but her mom said she could just as well come over to our house for a play date. My daughter was thrilled and definitely thought I had done a mitzvah. My son said that doing something like that for a friend is no mitzvah because it’s what you are suppose to do. I just enjoyed the conversation we had.

I also wanted to talk about a couple of mitzvahs I have received this week. I am doing my first speech tomorrow at my new Toastmasters group and I have been so grateful for all of the support and help I have been given by members of the group. Atleast three people besides my mentor offered to help if I needed it. I felt very supported and grateful to each one of them.


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