Generosity from lots of places this week

475) Helped a woman at the grocery store with her cart.

476) Held the door for someone with packages in their hands.

477) Sent a card to a friend who had done a great job.

478) Volunteered at school today and wrapped up one of our fundraising events. Yesterday when I needed some help, one of our babysitters was in town visiting and offered to come and assist me. I was so grateful and couldn’t have done the job without her help in the time I had available.

Received some food related mitzvahs this week as well. I was attending a business conference in Southern California. I was able to plan two visits with some old friends around my conference and both of them surprised me and treated me to a meal. Also, on Friday night during my conference I was invited to light candles with an acquaintance/colleague (now friend) that I had met a few years prior at another conference. Then she invited me to stay and share dinner with her team. It was so wonderful and I was truly grateful for the invitation and the mitzvah she shared with me. I attended a session later in the conference and had gone with two woman whom I had met just before. The room was freezing and I was not dressed warmly enough. One of the woman shared her shawl with me and made sure that together we could keep warm. It was the nicest thing she could have done and I was so grateful.


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