Giving and Receiving mitzvahs are equally rewarding..

This weeks mitzvahs seemed pretty fun. I love when you do something kind and you feel as good as if you were the recipient of the mitzvah.

479) Picked up trash on my way into the elementary school.

480) Later that same day I picked up a bunch of trash outside of a Baskin Robbins and put it in garbage near where my children take their karate lessons.

481) Volunteered for my daughters school field trip to see a play (this feels like it shouldn’t count as a mitzvahs because I had a blast- but I will anyway.)

482) Called a friend whose husband is ill to check in an see how he was doing and if she needed anything.

483) Visited with our Rebbetzin, it has been way too long (I resumed working in May and my available free time has definitely decreased.) It was so great to have time to visit again in person.

484) The Rebbetzin mentioned that her daughter was going to have to put her 16 year old black lab to sleep. I called her to let her know I was thinking about her since we had also lost our dog earlier this year.

485) Visited a local florist to get some flowers and complimented them and told them how much I loved their flowers and service.

486) Picked up a local Street Roots newspaper and gave the vendor an extra tip – he was overjoyed and even offered to return my grocery cart for me.

487) Called a friend who is having health challenges to say hello and tell her I was thinking about her.

488) Finally, bumped into a friend at a restaurant, I was with my kids and husband. She mentioned it was her birthday the next day. My daughter and I decided to send a piece of cake to her table at the end of the meal as a little surprise. She loved it. (Even though she was too stuffed to eat it and had to take it home for later). 🙂

489) Agreed to run a meeting at school when I was asked to fill in. 

490) Sent several thank you notes to clients and team members who helped me last month for a business goal I was working towards.

 I received the most incredible card last week from a colleague. It was touching and made me feel like a million bucks with what she chose to write to me. I am definitely going to save it for a day I might not feel quite so appreciated and it made me realize how much a small thing like that does effect people. I was so happy to be the recipient of such a wonderful act of kindness.


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