Wow a newspaper article…

This past week I contacted an old acquaintance to talk about some business and one thing led to another and she wrote an article about the blog and it was published this week. I can’t believe how fast it all happened it was pretty exciting. If you want to read the article it’s from Thursday, November 8, 2007 and here is the link:

Type “mitzvahs” in the advanced search key words section.

Anyway, it’s been a fun week of mitzvahs and I have to say that after Jennifer wrote this article I have been feeling a bit giddy about how much fun this project really has been. My stepmother let me know that instead of a traditional unveiling for my dad at the end of the month they will be having a party (my dad loved a party) and sharing stories and memories and food of course and what we have learned this year. I am only sorry that I can’t be there in person but I plan to write up some of my thoughts and let my stepmother share them that day!

So onto the mitzvah count for the week.

491) Volunteered at school (it was suppose to be for reading time but ended up with copying and filing) still helpful to the teacher.

492) Followed a friend who was driving by until I could stop her so I could share a wonderful comment someone had said about her the day before. I wanted her to hear it as soon as possible.

493) Sent a donation to a charity for a friend who was being honored and raising money through a “virtual event” in her community.

494) Picked up some helpful information for a client and delivered it to her.

495) Last week,¬† I received a kind deed that I had forgotten to blog about. I had prepared several mailings in a hurry and gone to the post office on my way to pick up the kids, one of the packages didn’t have the full address on the package. The postal worker (who has helped me for years) called me at home to let me know. I was so grateful and thankful. This week I stopped by with a Starbucks gift card to say thank you. She actually told me that her co-worker told her just to stick it in the mail because it would be returned to me anyway but she chose to call me instead. Wow, how’s that for two different choices of how to handle a situation.


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