500 mitzvahs – a continuation of the journey

496) Sent a card to another community member whose husband recently passed away.

497) Called a friend from our community who moved away from Portland to let her know about Rabbi Geller.

498) Gave a donation to the Street Roots vendor.

499) Gave donation for Thanksgiving to Loaves and Fishes.

500) Yesterday was Rabbi Geller’s funeral. It was an incredible testimonial to how many people this wonderful leader and mentor touched in the world. Our family made a donation today in memory of Rabbi Geller to Ziv Tzedakah. He truly was a mitzvah hero and the world has lost a very special man.

501) Lent gloves to a friend who was cold at the funeral.

502) Went to visit the Shivah house – after a Jewish person has died the mourners remain in their home and are officially “sitting shiva” for a week after the burial. It is a time period when they receive visitors and welcome guests to comfort them. I realized after my father died how important this time was. During this time of shivah you are taken care of by others and you aren’t alone in your grief. I found it to be an incredible custom and realize the importance of it so much more now that I have needed it first hand. You sit shiva for parents, siblings, children and your spouse.


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