Thanks is for giving

503) Last night as my family and I came home from visiting the Rebbitzin in the shiva house, we saw this quote on a church billboard. “THANKS IS FOR GIVING.”  I decided I liked this saying very much. Yesterday, we attended services twice at the shiva house. In the morning, I went myself and in the afternoon the whole family attended. Yesterday, coincided with the Hebrew anniversary to my father’s death. (In Judaism, this is called the Yartzeit and you say a special prayer each year on the Hebrew anniversary of the day the person died.) We also gave tzedakah at the end of the service in memory of the Rabbi. The Rebbetzin, even while in a state of shock and grief, pulled out two chocolate bars to give to my children. They were elated and thanked her.

Today was Thanksgiving and last year it was the day I heard that my dad’s condition had taken a terrible turn for the worst and I was one the phone with the airlines choosing flights to get back to Vermont as soon as possible. A year later, I have so much to reflect on.  I have learned so much this past year and for that I am truly grateful.

504) Neighbors who were leaving on a trip asked me to return their garbage bins after the garbage men came today.


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