Friday’s mitzvahs

519) Held the door for someone with a walker going into an office building.

520) Helped the UPS driver in the door too.

521)  Volunteered to help at a luncheon for my networking group.

522) Our networking group had our holiday lunch at a wonderful culinary school. The manager came by to see how everything was going. I asked for some business cards and walked around and passed them out so we could call and come back again sometime.

523) Helped one of the other members carry some items out to her car at the end of the meeting.

524) Gave some gifts away at an event I went to in the evening.

525) Sent a condolence card to a man in our community whose father recently passed away.

526) Called to see how our Rebbetzin was doing.

527) The traffic has been horrible this week after a storm, I have tried to be extra kind with my driving and let people merge or go before me when I can. This week I have done it several times.


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