Tis the season of giving

decemberimages528) Held the door for the Fedex man at an office, he looked tired.

529) Saw a child who had dropped some mittens at school and gave them back to him.

530) My son had received some $ for Hanukkah and wanted to use it this weekend. We decided to also buy two new toys to donate to our schools mitten tree (new gifts are given to children in the school who might not otherwise get). He and my daughter were excited to wrap the gifts, decide what age child might like them and today my son wanted to carry them into the school.

Last week, I received an awesome act of kindness and great customer service that I wanted to share. I am in a business where I order products for clients practically every week. I had rushed on an order recently and had forgotten to order two things (one was a special that you could only get when your order the product). I called the 1-800 number at my company and the customer service representative offered to send both items for me FREE of Charge. I was flabbergasted and told him how he had made my day and that I promised to pay it forward and write about him on my blog. So thank you very much.

Finally, as a Jewish person December has often felt a little weird, I mean this is not our big holiday season. Hanukkah is a nice holiday but compared to the physical work of preparing for Passover or the introspection that takes place at our high holidays it just doesn’t compare. So for us it is actually a time to make a few “latkes”, open some presents and enjoy the beautiful darkness that settles all around. I see other people literally running around crazy and hectic trying to get everything done that they are “suppose” to do. While we enjoy other people’s holiday lights, all the wonderful holiday cards we receive and just taking in the holiday spirit, I am not sure that someone actually celebrating Christmas does this as much anymore. It is my hope that more people slow down a bit and try to enjoy this beautiful time of year with candles, good food, great company and the time to enjoy it.


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