A few simple mitzvahs this week

531) Held the door for a man with several packages in his hands entering a building. I also had three items piled in one hand but had the other hand free. I literally saw the smile on his face as he laughed while one encumbered person held the door for another.

532) A class my kids attend was canceled today (note on the door) once we arrived, I immediately called a friend whose daughter attends the next class so she wouldn’t need to show up to read about the canceled class too.

533) Today, I did a crazy thing. I stopped by our local fire station and gave the firemen all small gifts from the products I distribute. I thanked them for what they do and told them about the silent prayer my son and I say when we hear the fire trucks or ambulances.  It was fun and I enjoyed saying thank you for the hard work they do each day.

534) Sorted all of our glass recycling today and brought the ones good for a deposit to the store to be donated for the bottle drive for our elementary school.

535) I know I haven’t written about this in a while, but since I started this blog I have gotten so good at remembering my own reusable bags where ever I go. I feel really great each time I reuse one of my bags and know that I continue to do earth mitzvahs each day. I try to make it the rare exception when I actually need to use a new bag from a store.

536) Wrote to thank a colleague for a job well done this week.

537) I am working each day to be the most polite driver I can be. I let people in whenever possible especially when I see others not doing that. Portland, Oregon is a world away from Boston, Massachusetts where I grew up and usually other drivers here are polite to each other. I know when I am not rushing through my day it is easier to allow others this opportunity but when I am late I know that my manners as a driver go out the window.   Another good reason to slow down our pace of life when possible.


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