Kids mitzvahs this weekend

538&539) Two parents this weekend let me know that my kids were mitzvah kids and it really made me proud. I wanted to recognize them and told them I would put it on the blog. My son helped clean up the kids play room at synagogue and one of his friend’s dads came over to tell me. My daughter had been on a playdate the same afternoon and went to the store with the mom and was “very helpful” to the mom in purchasing some items she needed. I appreciated the positive feedback.

540) My son picked up some trash over the weekend and wanted to throw it away to make the parking lot look nicer.

I love being able to praise my kids when they do good deeds for each other or other people. It’s easy to get caught up in the nagging and not praise the good behavior, but I have found with this mitzvah project I am catching the good actions alot more and sharing the praise too. I was definitely smiling after having other parent’s shared with me about my kids doing the right thing!


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