A short week of small mitzvahs

Don’t remember who said the quote but I love it. “Act as if what you do matter, it does.” If any one knows the author let me know.

541) Called a friend going through a tough time to check in.

542) Not sure if doing kindnesses for your family really counts as a mitzvah, but sent my stepmom a condolence card this week, she lost her older dog last week and I know it’s been a tough time for her.

543) Wrote and gave out several thank you notes and holiday gifts today for jobs well done at our elementary school.

544) Dropped off a book for a friend on a subject she said she needed to work on.

545) Called an old friend to say hello and see how she was doing during this season.

Receive a call from a colleague that totally made my day. We have been working together for over two years her message today on the phone really made me feel awesome. Be sure to make those calls, send those cards and share with others how you think.


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