A few more simple mitzvahs this week

546) Volunteered for a school field trip yesterday for my son. I get so much out of volunteering with the school events and just love being able to participate.

547) Attended a Bat Mitzvah last night with my daughter for a young woman in our community. This week someone asked me about what a Bar or Bat Mitzvah was and how that connected to my idea of doing mitzvahs. This celebration takes place in the life of a girl at age 12 and a boy at age 13 when they are formally recognized by the Jewish community as an adult. When they have their bar/bat mitzvah ceremony they now have additional responsibilities and opportunities as adults in the community. It is always a pleasure to be included in someone’s “simcha” or celebration of a life cycle event. This bat mitzvah was for women only and my daughter was included in the invitation. she enjoyed the celebration too.

548) Inquired about someone’s health who I had seen earlier in the week and wasn’t doing very well.

549) Inquired about someone’s daughters health.

550) When my daughter and I were shopping today at Costco,  a mom nervously asked my daughter if she would mind trying on a pair of mittens to see if they would fit her daughter. My daughter was happy to participate even suggesting which ones were the most comfortable and my son said to me – be sure to write that on the blog, mom!

551) Gave $ to a friend leaving for Israel. This is a Jewish custom we do to ensure someone will travel safely. (The idea is that they will give the money for tzedakah or charity wherever they are headed.) Seems I only remember to do this when someone is actually going to Israel but I like the idea for anytime someone is traveling.

At the bat mitzvah I received a lovely mitzvah from a stranger. One of the woman sitting at our table whom I had never met before came up to me at the end to comment and let me know how nicely my daughter had spoken with her. She went on to say that my daughter had exhibited wonderful etiquette to speak back to her politely even after she had just taken a bite of food. What a thrill as a mother to be told these comments about our children. Remember to pass on compliments to other parents when you have them too!


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