Sharing information mitzvahs

570) I attended a meeting yesterday for our upcoming green market at school and in honor of the spirit of this event I gave gifts to the committee members of very cool recyclable shopping bag.

571) Met a colleague today and thought she might want to meet another woman so I left a message to connect them.

572) Called a friend to see how she was doing, she’s had a rough year with her health.

573) The founder of our company died 10 days ago. I had only briefly met him once personally but he was a legend within our company. His son is still one of the VP’s of our company. I sent a condolence card to his son.

574) A mom at our school had recommended a book to me that I absolutely loved. I found her the other day to thank her for the awesome recommendation.

575) I made a suggestion to a colleague about something that she found very beneficial.

576 & 577) At the gym the other day, I got off the machine early so a stranger could have her turn sooner. Later that same woman, rushed off the machine and was running to the bathroom. I let her go before me as well. We laughed that our timing was funny that day.

578) Gave money to a street vendor with the Street Roots newspaper.


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