Passing on information mitzvahs (not the gossiping kind)

I wonder if other people think about this. You tell someone you will share some information with them, but then you get busy and forgot or expect that they will call you for the information. This year, I have tried to be  more proactive and really follow through whenever I offer to help someone with some information. I think this counts as doing an act of kindness. In fact today, after a meeting, my colleague ran into someone she knew and in their short interaction she said,” Oh I should tell you more about such and such.” I suggested she actually follow up with her friend so that she can be more proactive in sharing that important information.

579) Made a suggestion to another patron at a coffee shop today where he might be able to meet his client since there were no seats left for us to sit down.

580) I gave a suggestion for a colleague of who she should contact about a project she was doing.

581) Volunteered in the school today.

582) Called someone looking for some information and left that information for her on voice-mail. (P.S. I heard the following week that both parties had connected and were thrilled at the chance to meet each other.)

583) My kids and I were at the supermarket today and they cleaned up the coffee area. One of the employees noticed and thanked them for their help. Sure beats the days when they used to pull stuff off the aisles and beg for food items I wasn’t prepared to purchase.

584) Helped a older man at our synagogue locate his grey coat in a dark coat room among several other identical looking coats.

I received a mitzvah today a thank you note from a coworker. It was hand written, heart felt and wonderful to receive!


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