Pennies for patients – Solomon helps me hit 600…

piles of pennies 2593) Helped someone carry some things from her car inside.

594) A Rabbi in our community wrote a story recently about someone I know doing a good deed. When I saw her at the gym I shared what I had read. She hadn’t seen the article and was excited to hear what it had said.

595) Volunteered in my sons’ class room activity this week.

596) Procured items for the upcoming school auction.

597) Gave a friend something she needed that she had wanted to pay for.

598) Called a friend who wasn’t feeling well to check in with her.

599)  Donated at the local Pet Smart for their pet charity.

600) My son Solomon came home so excited last week. His school was raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with a fundraiser called Pennies for Patients. He gathered all his money and then was searching for more pennies around the house. He also decided he wanted to use some of his tzedakah (charity) money we collect each Friday for this cause. I was so proud of his determination and excitement to help with this fundraiser. My son’s excitement also got my daughter into the act and she was also finding change to donate as well.


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