Hamantaschen Mitzvahs

Hamantaschen cookies609) If you haven’t ever heard of the Jewish holiday of Purim we celebrate it each March. One of the symbols of the holiday is triangular shaped cookies called Hamantashen. For more than 30 years, men and women in my synagogue have gathered to make, bake and sell these cookies as a fundraiser. It is incredibly labor intensive but also an amazing community event. Many, many people volunteer large amounts of time and ingredients to produce the cookies. I hadn’t volunteered for this event in several years, mostly because I had small children so it wasn’t easy to get there, but this year I decided to go and join. It was hard work but I felt so great being part of the community and helping make “some” of the dozens of cookies we made that day. My kids were so excited that afternoon when I picked them up after school with cookies in tow, my daughter wanted to know if these were the ones that I made. Actually they weren’t but she still thought they were delicious. I hope to take my daughter back again before the three week event is over. By the way, if you have never had a Hamantaschen I highly recommend them.

610) Held the door for someone carrying a large load today.

611) Donated some several used puzzles today that my kids have outgrown to the pre-kindergarten class at our school. The teacher was happy to get them.

612) Sent a thank you note to a local dentist who did some work a week ago on my very apprehensive daughter. The dentist was INCREDIBLY patient and kind and it was a very good experience for my daughter. I wanted to let her know.

613) Sent a small Starbucks gift card to a acquaintance to acknowledge her birthday. I called it a “liquid hug”. (I had received one myself from a client earlier in the year.)

614) Referred an acquaintance looking for a skin specialist to one I knew.

615) A mom of my son’s friend needed to rearrange a play date for some health reasons. I was thrilled to help out and still be able to keep the play date as scheduled.

Saw someone do a mitzvah today at the gym, one of the fitness instructors was checking in with a member and she was saying she was so hot. The instructor carried over a fan and plugged it in to help the member cool off. I thought that was very kind.

Received a wonderful compliment today that kept me smiling all morning long.


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