He isn’t as altruistic as I think…

I can’t believe that it has been so long since I had a chance to write down some mitzvahs. Finally, here are some to add to the list. Mostly, gratitude and thank you’s.

619) The Rebbetzin needed a pack and play for her great granddaughter who was coming to town, I told her I would find one that she could borrow since we don’t own one anymore. I borrowed one from a friend and yesterday I brought it over to her house.

620) Called a friend who moved away years ago because I remembered it was her birthday.

621) Surprised someone with flowers on their birthday.

622) Met someone from the community who has done a tremendous amount to revitalize a dying organization. I told him how much I had benefited from his work and thanked him for all he did.

623) Walked someone to the pool who was lost at the gym.

624) Called a business colleague to compliment her on something she had said at a meeting I attended.

625) Thanked someone who stepped up to work in an organization I belong to for everything she has done to help out.

626) Sent a thank you note to a guest at the meeting I attended.

627) Sent a gratitude note to someone I know.

628) My son came home the other day and told me about a Food Bank project that his school was participating in to gather canned food. I told him I was proud of him for remembering to tell me and that I hoped he knew what a good thing it was to help others, he said “Well the teacher said we had to do it.” So much for thinking that my children are so altruistic. Regardless we did collect the food and he was happy enough to carry it into his classroom.


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