Does something you get for free and give away count as a mitzvah…?

629)Yesterday, I had volunteered for a zoo field trip for my son’s 1st grade class. I woke up to a grey, cold and very unappealing day. Although I must say luckily it wasn’t raining. I thought of all the days why would this be the one we have to spend at the zoo. I dressed in lots of layers and was trying to decide how to make the most of the day. We were fortunate to end up with no rain the whole day and the kids did seem to enjoy themselves although the day remained cold, windy and pretty unappealing the whole time. In any case, I guess when you say you will do something you do it willingly and hopefully with a smile on your face.

630) Helped carry the lunches back to the classroom after the field trip.

631) Brought some extra chairs for some guests at our weekly meeting.

632) Welcomed someone new to the meeting and brought them the agenda.

633) Emailed a colleague some information and suggested she connect with a speaker I had heard who works in her industry.

634) Invited two friends who are designers to an event for another friend with a new business selling products they might want to learn about.

635)Does something you get for free and give away count as a mitzvah…?

Last week, my husband was out of town. My kids and I were getting a pizza one night and were using a coupon for a free salad and free 2 liter soda to come with our pizza. We don’t drink soda in my house so I had decided not to take the free bottle. A young man heard me and said I’ll take your 2 liter so I told him that was great. When we were ready to leave he thanked me again and I told him to pay it forward. He smiled, said he loved that movie and would do just that.


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