Asking for forgiveness when you behave inappropriately….

636) Volunteered to help out with the Cookie Dough delivery for our school. Harder physical work than I had imagined.

637) Volunteered to pick up some garden product for our upcoming plant sale.

638) In Judaism, during our spring holiday of Purim we make gifts for others and deliver them. These are suppose to be gifts that include three different kinds of food that would have several different blessings said over them (Jews say a blessing for different foods before they were eaten). My kids and I have done this together since my daughter was an infant. Each year they are excited to get the food (usually it includes a juice box, peanut butter sandwich crackers, hamantaschen the traditional triangle shaped cookie and some kind of chocolate). We assembled them one weekend day and on the day before Purim we delivered them after school together. They are fun to give especially when you get to leave them as a surprise for someone. I hope my kids will grow up and do this with their kids since I have always loved this custom.

639) Today at the Purim celebration, there was a small child probably around 3 who was lost and crying for his father. I helped him locate his dad and the look on the child’s face when we had found his father was priceless.

640) Last week, my husband and I decided last minute after dinner to go to the gym for some exercise. We made our plans quickly and he left first and I was going to join him about 1/2 hour later so that I could attend an evening yoga class. There was likely going to be about 10-15 minutes when neither of us could be with the kids so we had planned to let them sit in the ladies room in the lounge area where they could view on of their favorite cables shows (we don’t get cable at home). A trainer from the gym was in the locker room and told my son he was too old to be in there. I was getting ready to go to my class and was furious when I heard this and was very rude and nasty when I spoke with her. I told her I would take responsibility if anyone complained and left my kids so I could start my class. They were instructed to meet Daddy in 15 minutes outside the locker rooms. I was so distracted during yoga and had a hard time meditating because I felt so bad about how I had treated this other person. As soon as the class ended, I found her and apologized. I told her I knew I had handled myself poorly and was embarrassed at my behavior. She forgave me and even offered to help in the future if we ever found ourselves with a small window and no place for my son. I guess even when we do something inappropriate we can learn from our mistakes and say we are sorry.


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