Cell phone mitzvah

644) Yesterday, at pick up from school I saw a cell phone lying in the parking lot. I was carrying it into the school to give to the office. On the way in the phone rang. I picked it up and told the caller I had just found it in the parking lot and if they could tell me whose it was I could let them know. The owner turned out to be a friend who saw me walking into the school talking on her phone. It was pretty funny all around and my friend was thrilled to have her phone back!

645) Sent a card to a community member whose mother had just passed away.

646) Sent a card to a new acquaintance who called to tell me she had gotten engaged.

647) We have a teacher who is going through a difficult time physically. I wrote a card to him letting him know how much he has meant to our family and giving him some encouragement.

648) Saw a mom at school pick up who looked terrible. Called her later to see if she was okay.

649) Donated an item to our raffle at our meeting.


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