Visiting a friend in the hospital

650) Complimented a colleague on her how she was conducting herself in a business manner.

651) Today after school I brought my kids and one of my daughters friends to visit a friend in the hospital. It was an amazing visit. My daughter is usually really scared of hospitals but I think it helped her that our friend was feeling well enough to sit up and talk with the kids. Also didn’t hurt that the nurse offered them ice cream even though mom didn’t let them have any! I think that both the kids and our friend really enjoyed the visit.

Receiving mitzvahs too…..On the way out of the hospital we decided to ride a new tram that was completed quite some time ago but that we hadn’t yet had a chance to ride on. The tram is free one way but you have to pay $4 per person for the return. We were thrilled when someone offered us his ticket for the ride back saving us the $16!

652) Sent a card to a friend whose husband is dealing with some health challenges.

653) Stayed around to help clean up a room that we had been working in.

654) Gave books as thank yous to my business partners for the great work they are doing.


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