I’ve missed my blogging!

Wow, you’d think I haven’t been able to do any mitzvahs for weeks, but really it’s just been a busy time of the year with Passover. I always tell people who aren’t Jewish that I truly feel as harried as I imagine they are at Christmas time, with all the cooking and cleaning, life gets pretty hectic.

Anyway, I did have time for a few mitzvahs (atleast the ones I remembered to write down so here they are…)

662) Sent a condolence card to a friend whose father passed away.

663) If you haven’t read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson, it is a must read. Today at the store there was a group of 6th graders collecting money for the schools. I loved the book and was so happy to be able to give some money to help.

664-666) Did several different things for an event at our school on three different days, including hanging up signs, passing out signs with my kids at the local supermarket and volunteering at our school event.

667) Referred a friend to another friend’s business.

668) Volunteered on a school field trip.

669) Donated money to a charity that called.

670) Donated costume jewelry to DSFO.

671) Donated clothes to a local charity.

672) At a recent event I held, I had the opportunity to publically speak about two woman who have been helpful to me this year. My hope was that some of the other guests would get a chance to know them and be able to get professional guidance from them as well in certain areas of their life.


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