The kids get the credit…

683) Volunteered at a Garden Party. Every year the school hosts a “party” really it’s just weeding the garden beds near the 1st graders classroom. It was a cold day and very rainy in the morning but by afternoon the weather had cleared somewhat and my kids and I volunteered to help.

Unfortunately, not too many others did but the teachers were thrilled to have our help and my son was “honored” the next day for his help. He was very proud.

684) Called to check in on an acquaintance I know who had surgery recently.

685) Helped my daughter have her “annual” lemonade stand to raise money for the Oregon Humane Society. My daughter had arranged a play date with her friend so they could have the stand again this year. Unfortunately, I had accidentally coordinated the playdate for the wrong weekend thinking our annual neighborhood garage sale was the week prior. Luckily, we were still able to have our sale on the correct weekend and also the weather was much more conducive for this event. The girls got a little tired after 2 hours but were still happy with their $17 dollars collected.

686) Coordinated and volunteered for a fundraiser for our school at a local fast food restaurant. My kids plus a few others really got involved and helped deliver the food to the tables. They loved their jobs and the recipients seemed happy to get their delivery from the kids.

687) Wrote thank you notes to the gals who had helped out the night of the fundraiser.

688) Planned to have some yard work done at our house. The gardener had forgotten his keys for the trunk of his truck and asked it I could drive him home to get them.


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