An awesome mitzvah

704) My family returned from a recent visit with our extended family in the Midwest and we learned of an amazing mitvzah being done by one of Aaron’s cousins. She was diagnosed 30 years ago with MS and has always dreamed of traveling to Israel and climbing Masada a significant landmark there. This summer her dreams became a reality and she decided to raise money for the MS society as part of her climb. Her website “How will I get back down?” allows people to learn about her story and donate to the charity. We were so proud of her and the fact that her courage and determination has raised almost $10,000 for this charity. We donated to Dina’s efforts for the MS society.

705&6) Referred a friend to a colleague for professional services twice this week.

707) Sent an encouragement card to someone who helped me when I found out she was undergoing some surgery.

708) Made lunch for someone who needed a pick me up.

709) Called someone who recently lost her job to see if I could help make some network connections for her.

710) Recommended a service to someone that I thought might assist in a job search.


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