Carpooling mitzvahs

711) Last week my kids were attending a summer camp that is a bit of a drive from our house. I had arranged some carpooling to help with the increased gas expenses. One day, I drove and my friend brought my kids home after camp. When she tried to leave she realized she couldn’t  turn the key in the ignition. Her daughter had a class beginning in just a few minutes so I offered to drive her daughter to her class, while she waited with the kids and for her husband to arrive. Luckily, it turned out to be just a stripped key and she was on her way as soon as I returned.

712) Picked up a shoe a child had dropped at camp and returned it to the parent.

713) Donated a gift to give away to a friends office celebration for her 10th anniversary in business.

714) Called to check in on a friend who hasn’t been feeling well.

715) Held the door for an older woman.

716) Told someone they had a beautiful smile.

This week I feel like I have been the recipient of many mitzvahs, a dentist called to check in on me after a recent procedure – maybe that is protocol but it was very nice. Received a thank you note and token of appreciation and a special service as a thank you for my help on a project.


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