Lessons at the swimming pool

722) Gave a friend some homemade jelly after she commented when she saw some on our table.

723) Carpool arrangements were misunderstood, I drove at the last minute.

724) Referred a client to a colleague.

725& 726) Made a product donation to our camp auction. Made a second $ donation the night of the auction.

727) Visited the Rebbetzin.

728) Picked up litter on a recent walk through the neighborhood park trail.

729) Saw that my friends had left their garage door open one day after they left for work and put it down for them.

730) Complimented someone on a great job in a performance.

One of the highlight mitzvahs this week was actually given to us. My daughter and I have been going swimming very early at a neighborhood community pool. The first few times we went the lifeguards made some comments that this was an adult swim time and she wouldn’t be able to come again but he would let us in this time. When we arrived at the poolside we also got some stares. It turns out that it actually is open swim time so my 10 year old is fine to join me. The mitzvah we received was from a fellow swimmer the second day who practically called us over inviting us to join her lane. That woman had no idea how happy she made us. What a wonderful welcome after the couple of days we both felt like we were “invading” the regulars pool time.


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