Back to school mitzvahs

Well it’s September and my kids are back at school. That means more volunteer opportunities seem to be presenting themselves.

731) Went for a walk in the neighborhood and stopped to pick up trash two times.

732) Dropped off something someone had left at my house.

733) Noticed a neighbor had left his garage door open and I knew he was at work. I called him and found out it was by accident and went by to shut his door for him.

734) Volunteered at school for a back to school mailing that needed to be collated.

735) Helped the next day in my daughters classroom making buttons for their community service projects. They are teaching Mitzvahs in public school and my daughter is thrilled to participate!

736) Sent money to the local police bureau for their annual fundraiser.

737) Called one of our babysitters who had left for school this fall. We had heard that a Hurricane had hit the area where her school was located. She was fine.

738) Volunteered to work at a registration table at our local networking meeting.

739) Brought an item to be raffled off at the meeting.

740) Organized a donation for a local Cancer Charity auction.

741) We recently bought a couch and had a myriad of problems getting it. In the end it took 4 months and was in a different color than we had originally intended – although we did know this would be the case. Also, the salesman I had worked with was not always the easiest and towards the end of the experience we weren’t even sure if the couch would actually show up. Finally, it did and it is terrific even if it isn’t the original color we chose. I called the store today and let the salesman know that we were quite happy. He greatly appreciated the call and told me he hardly ever gets the call saying thanks and was thrilled to know we were pleased after such a long and difficult transaction.

742) Drove a colleague to her car after our meeting.

Finally, I received two mitzvahs this week. One was from a stranger who found my blog and sent me a wonderful comment. I was so grateful to receive her feedback. Secondly, we have some new friends that we have become quite close to and this summer we told them in front of our children that we would love them to be our kids “auntie and uncle” since ours all live out of town and their children have both moved away this fall as well. As our friend was leaving our house the other day my son called him Uncle Peter. He related this story to me two days later. He was delighted and I was touched that my son made him feel so important. Words truly do have the power to make someones day. Use yours wisely and share them with others freely.


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