September 2008

We are back to school in our third week and several volunteer opportunities have presented themselves. Plus I have been the recipient of an interesting mitzvah.

743) Sent a card to a colleague who is in the hospital.

744) Sent some information and an encouragement card to someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

745) The other night my daughter and I were driving through our neighborhood and we saw a black lab with a collar who was roaming around. We stopped the car and tried to help the dog but he just started walking away from us. He went up a drive way so I pulled in and knocked on the door. The owner said the dog wasn’t his but figured it was his backyard neighbor’s dog who often jumps the fence. He said he would give the owners a call and get him home.

746) A client of mine sent an email this week that her sister was involved in the hurricane in Texas and her home had been badly damaged. She was asking everyone to pitch in to help her sister cover her immediate needs. I sent a donation.

747) Volunteered for our fall fundraiser. Many calls and follow ups each day as part of that job.

748) Sent a card to a business associate whose mother-in-law just passed away.

749) Complimented a gal at school today on her beautiful necklace.

750) Last weekend, each of my kids had a play dates on Saturday. The following morning a mom of one of my son’s friend called to see if we could help her. She had had surgery earlier in the week and needed to rest. Since my son had just had a play date – that hadn’t gone that well I will add- I was not thrilled at the idea of having another play date that day especially for several hours. My daughter was also not thrilled with the idea either since sometimes the play dates with this child are difficult. But I knew the mom needed help so in the end we decided to pack up and make a day of it and drove about an hour away to a local old fashioned amusement park. It turned out to be a wonderful day and all three kids got along and had fun. The mom was so grateful. I was happy it all worked out well in the end.

751) Donated dried packaged food to the food pantry tonight at the JCC.

Also, a funny thing happened this week which proves that it’s a small world after all. A colleague let me know that she had tried to email me but didn’t have my email exactly turns out she had left out my middle initial. Since my name is so common (Linda Cohen) that was already taken when I signed up for email address. Anyway, she told me that she had gotten an email back from the recipient of the incorrect email and that she had gotten many of my emails throughout the last several years but she lived in Michigan. My in-laws also live in Michigan so I decided to email her and introduce myself. Not only does she have relatives in my town, she is neighbors with my in laws in Michigan. She forwarded my first email today and I am so grateful to have connected with her. I am also grateful to my colleague who put us in touch.


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