Many chances for mitzvahs this week

I received a donation request from a local non profit and the front of the card had this quote:

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.” Aesop – The Lion and the Mouse

So don’t forget to do the little things. They are just as important as the big things you can do to improve this world.

770) I want to start with a story from today. Today at lunch, I attended a luncheon event for a local non- profit. My friend is working there and had invited me as her guest. The luncheon was awesome and I donated to the charity. At the end, my friend told me to take a couple of the center pieces floral arrangements home. I was walking back to my car when a young canvasser approached me to tell me about her non profit – An international children’s relief organization. I stopped and listened and chatted with her for several minutes. In the end I decided not to donate to her organization since I had just donated at the luncheon. I am often not sure what to do in these situations because I can only imagine how hard it is to do any kind of soliciting on the street for an organization. I figure it’s a mitzvah just to be polite and not obnoxious to these folks. Anyway, after I walked away I turned back and asked her if she wanted to take one of the center piece bouquets I had just received for her office. She was thrilled and so were her two young business associates.

771) Referred a colleague to a local photographer that we have worked with who does amazing work.

772) Sent a client the name of a book that I thought would be very helpful to her right now.

773) Turned a class into a last minute fundraiser for Dress For Success. We raised $75.

774) Volunteered for a fall event at school.

775) Volunteered to get the coffee that was left behind for our event.

776) Volunteered to help in my son’s classroom.

777) Attended a meeting to arrange for our programming for our networking group.

Finally, I know that it’s hard to count mitzvahs for your kids or spouse generally. But yesterday, after I had finished my volunteering at school, my son remembered that he had forgotten to take a snack with him that morning. I didn’t have anything to give him so I went to the store nearby and came back with a snack for him. He said later that evening, that he had been thinking after I left the school that when I picked him up he would say “Thanks mom” like he was annoyed that I hadn’t done anything about his snack, but actually he ended up saying “Thanks mom” like I really appreciated that you did that for me. So even though I am not counting it as a mitzvah per say I guess sometimes as a mom we just do that extra thing for our kids.


One thought on “Many chances for mitzvahs this week”

  1. WOW…I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say – I love it! You are so right – it is the little things that count – especially in today’s society! I also have a goal of giving…my first is 1000 and I’m just past the 350 mark. How very encouraging and exciting! Keep up the great giving! You are truly inspiring!

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