Mitten Tree

799) Last week I had an idea. I was so excited to share it with my daughter who loves the Christmas holiday and always struggles with the fact that we don’t have a tree, stockings, decorations or any of the things that other “normal” kids have in their homes. I decided to create a mitten tree for the professional woman’s group (graduates) of the Dress for Success program. I thought we could find out what these woman would really love for a holiday present and my networking group plus the volunteers at Dress for Success could help provide all of these items. I figured my daughter could work on the project with me and would enjoy making the Christmas Tree and mittens.

I gathered all the items we would need for our project. The kids had the day off from school so it was a relaxed morning. All my daughter did  was complain and whine. She kept saying she hadn’t volunteered for this and how soon would we be done.  I continued working on the project even with her complaints and began to read to her some of the items that the woman asked for. Dance pants for a 13 year old daughter – My daughter asked how someone who needs gifts pay for dance lessons for their child. I said maybe a scholarship. Next I read a Burger King gift certificate so a woman and her husband could go out to dinner. My daughter commented that’s not a very special place to go out with her husband.  Finally, I read that a woman requested a gift card for gas. My daughter a few minutes later said. “Wow, Mommy I am really lucky.  We have a house, we have food to eat, we aren’t worried about paying our bills or buying gas. I am glad we are doing this together.” Then she chose a mitten for a grandmother who is raising her grandson and needed a winter suit as our gift to purchase.


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