Book Fair Volunteer

813) Yesterday, I volunteered at our school book fair. It is always awesome to be able to help out at school. The staff is always grateful and it gives you awesome insight into the school.

814) Called to wish someone good luck on the opening of her new business.

Received two notable mitzvahs this week:

I have been seeing a PT for some trouble with my hands and we have really connected over the past month. I had told her about my blog and she gifted me with a book yesterday that is called A Pace of Grace by Linda Kavelin Popov. I started it last night and I am so excited to read it and learn more about the Virtues International Project. What a wonderful gift.

Last week, I gave a business partner of mine a gift in recognition of a promotion. Today, she called me just to tell me that her gift had brought her some attention for her business and she was so excited. Phone calls and cards are such little things that make such a big diffence … that reminds me I owe some thank you notes….


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