Two mitzvahs and a thought

828) Today I donated some items for the 2nd grade class project next week – Making Gingerbread Houses.

829) Also, complimented someone on her really cute haircut, she said that was how she looked right out of bed. Wow is she lucky.

Drove by a home made memorial on the side of the road near my house. I am sure you have seen them too. There is often a cross or something that marks the location where someone has died. I have past this place dozens of times and it always strikes me that someone has continued to place items here for several years. There is currently two old teddy bears and today I noticed two small pumpkins as well. I started thinking about the family who lost someone at this location. I remembered when my dad died and he was lying peacefully in his own bedroom. He looked like he was sleeping and had all of his immediate family with him. I think about that unknown person everytime I drive by that location. I don’t know the details of their death or even whether it was an adult or child, but I definitely know that person was very well loved and is missed terribly. I hope that the family knows that others think about their loved one as well and I do hope that the pain of that loss has eased somehow over the years.


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