Mitten Tree project

830) Volunteered today in my son’s classroom.

831) Donated money at a restaurant for a kids holiday toy/clothing drive.

832) Today was collection day for the mitten tree project. What an amzing feeling it was to have so many colleagues participate. The woman went above and beyond the request we had made. Many of them bought more than one gift for our mitten tree, some even made items to include in their gifts. Everyone seemed generally excited about being able to participate. I helped to collate all the gifts so they could be given tonight to the DSFO clients. I am sure it was a wonderful night.

Yesterday, I told the secretary of our school who is coordinating our school mitten drive that she had inspired me to create this other mitten drive. She was so happy to hear that.

Met with a colleague today who is helping me with some marketing. She has offered her services as a mitzvah back to me. I am so grateful to her.


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