A Visit to the Hospital

Is it just me or does it seem that in December there are so many more people doing good deeds? There are the volunteers for the salvation army ringing their bells, every company seems to be having a food drive, toy drive or clothing drive and at every cash register there are extra places to donate. I need to pay attention this year in March, July and September to see if the plethora of donation options continues during those months. If not we need to come up with other times of the year when people are in the mood to give more.

844) Sent information to a friend who had been inquiring about some lessons she was thinking about taking.

845) Donated some change to the Salvation Army.

846) Donated to a charity in memory of my father.

847) This continues to be a struggle for me. There are so many people asking for money on the street and I just can’t walk by and ignore these people like they don’t exist. I remember one time several years ago a woman outside the grocery store was asking for $$ for food for a bus trip she and her daughter were taking.  I went into the store and bought a loaf of bread, peanut butter and jelly and some fruit. When I came out they were gone and I felt sort of stupid. I prefer to give to a homeless shelter or the food banks but today I gave  a man asking for money on the street two oranges I had just purchased from the supermarket.

848) Made a visit to the hospital today to see a patient and also her elderly mom who was waiting for her after surgery.

849) Donated a bag of items for our school’s mitten tree project to help families in the school with some holiday gifts.


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