One thought on “Bottles and Coins”

  1. Comment from Mark Alter moved from original location on contact page.

    “So, how come being gracious and welcoming with me at the grocery store yesterday doesn’t count as a mitzvah… #850

    Listen, this getting food to hungry people (that otherwise would get thrown away) is something I do every day of the week. As they say, let’s talk. I’m in contact with some others who do this as well, and I can tell it’s an area of concern in your life (not that you would be doing the hands on delivery necessarily, but I can imagine you rustling up volunteer support for at least one of the really good “food rescue” endeavors already underway in PDX).

    Please have your father-in-law connect with me. Depending on how long he lived in the same town I’m from, he may know my family well. We go back there two generations on my mother’s side.”

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