Snow Day Mitzvahs

We had an amazing snow storm yesterday. Compared to the snowstorms in the east this would seem like nothing. However, in a city with very few snow plows  a few inches can paralyze the whole city. It’s a wonderful gift and something we have always loved about living out west. You aren’t expected to go anywhere and lots of things get cancelled. Since it only happens once in a great while it’s actually lots of fun. They have already cancelled school for the second day in a row so hopefully I will still be enjoying our little holiday by tomorrow night.

852) We went out early to check out the neighborhood and play in the snow. My kids carried several  newspapers from the driveway to our neighbors doorstep.

853) Returned a scarf to a neighbor who had left it after playing in the snow near out house. About an hour later, she dropped by with some homemade cookies to share. Yum!

854) Called an elderly friend to make sure she was okay in the snowstorm.

855) Coordinated a phone-a-thon last week for Willowbrook arts camp that our kids go to each summer.


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