Beginning a second week of snow days….

The weather in the Northwest has been very unusual since last Sunday. We missed an entire week of school and then after already being home for days we received the biggest snow storm we have seen in more than 30 years. It’s beautiful but also hard to get around. Unfortunately, the northwest doesn’t have alot of snow removal equipment (it rarely gets below 40 degrees) so in an event like this week we just have to wait for the weather to finally warm up. Needless to say it’s been an unbelievable weather week.

I have noticed something during this slowed down time. Since most everyone is in the same boat and stuck at home, neighbors are out talking to each other more. People are baking and giving treats to each other. Neighbors are shoveling each others driveways. People are inviting their neighbors over to share a meal. When people aren’t busy with their own lives and aren’t able to get around they are available to help each other more. I wonder if this is what life used to be like 40 years ago when we weren’t such a  technology based, two car family, everyone is so busy kind of world. I can only imagine that it was more like this.

I did a couple of mitzvahs the past few days:

856) Called a neighbor to let her know that an awning in her backyard that was caving in from the weight of the snow.

857) Helped take a neighbors trash to the street.

858) Picked up a Starbucks cup someone left on the street while sledding.


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