Florida Vacation Mitzvahs

We have just returned from our family vacation in Florida. We were so lucky to fly out during the worst snow storm in decades to hit the Northwest. Many friends that we knew weren’t quite as lucky. I felt grateful and thankful every day of our trip and didn’t take it for granted at all that we were on vacation in sunny Florida!

We also received many mitzvahs while on our trip including the kindness of several people at our hotel, the car rental agency and The Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney where an employee literally helped us make sure our family could sit together at a show even though we showed up separately (hard to do when that isn’t the protocol).

Here are a few mitzvahs I did while on our trip.

859) Gave some produce and groceries to our neighbor before we left.

860) Helped a mom at the airport while she was changing her daughter’s diaper.

861) Helped someone carry their bags to the car.

862) Picked up trash a couple of times.

863) Helped an elderly blind woman into a water taxi.

864) Donated money to a non profit science museum we visited.

865) Let the manager know at the car rental place about one of their employees who had called us several times to update us on the status of the car. I was very grateful for this personal service and wanted her boss to know.

866) While shopping at Downtown Disney a group of people came up and asked if I would wear a Goofy hat. They were doing a scavenger hunt and needed someone to pose in the hat.

867) Left a few dollars for the maid at our rental house. This elicited quite a conversation with my mother in law. She doesn’t usually do this for maids.

868) At one of the attractions we bought food and I realized a few minutes we hadn’t been charged for one of the pretzels. I went back to let the gal know and she said not to worry about it.

869) Complimented someone on her scarf.

870) On the airplane coming home the man across the aisle from me dropped his drink on himself when he nodded off to sleep. I signaled the flight attendant and let her know that we could use some paper towel. He didn’t seem bothered by the water on him but he did use the paper towel to wipe up.

871) Picked up some money that dropped on the floor and gave it back to the owner.

I am sure that helping your family isn’t really a mitzah but several times on vacation I took members of our family to the drug store for various things they needed. Also, my mother in law misplaced her purse and we calmly helped her find it. She was very grateful for our support and I know I would have been too.


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