Please help us find Murray

892) A couple of days ago, I passed the missing cat sign at the end of my block and glanced at the cat in the picture. It snowed again today in the Northwest  and I was happy. It gave me an excuse to not walk the dog since I am just getting over a cold and really didn’t want to have to trudge through the slush with her. But by early afternoon, her puppy dog eyes had gotten the best of me so I put on my boots, gloves and coat to take her for a walk.

We hadn’t gotten very far and we weren’t walking very fast, when I heard the mewing. It was very loud and the cat was definitely trying to get my attention. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from but  I stopped and saw a cat sitting on my neighbors tree house. I couldn’t read his tag but remember the missing cat sign I had seen a couple of days ago. I walked around to the front door to inquire if my neighbors owned a cat. They did not. I told my neighbor I thought I might have found a missing cat, and told her to go see if he would come to her while I walked to get the number on the missing cat sign. We each did our job and indeed it was Murray who had been missing for two nights and whose owner was sure he wouldn’t do well in this snow. The three of us smiled as Murray was happily reunited with his owner. I think we were all happy that Murray would be back at home tonight.


One thought on “Please help us find Murray”

  1. Aw, that’s a nice story. It’s good to hear things like that, especially since my cat’s been missing for eight weeks almost.

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