I just reached my 900th mitzvah!

893) Shared information that someone needed to help them complete their project.

894) Volunteered at our school artist in residency program.

895) Tracked down some information the teacher needed.

896) Made a referral to a colleague for a work opportunity.

897) Wrote a thank you note to a company.

I have become very fond of a reusable bag made by the ChicoBags Company over the past couple of years. When I first heard about them it was for a fund raising opportunity for our school and I couldn’t stop talking about them. They are ideal and I  carry two with me at all times. I wrote the company and let them know how much I love their product. I got a reply thanking me for my advocacy.

898) Picked up some yarn at a recent estate sale and sent it to school (they had been asking for some last week).

899) Picked up litter in my neighborhood.

900) I guess this is my week to help stranded animals. Today on my walk, a dog came bounding down the street towards me with no owner in sight, once she was in the yard I thought maybe that was her home, I  rang the doorbell so her owner could bring her safely inside.

Today, I spoke with a moms group and got some great ideas for ways to volunteer or do mitzvahs with your children. I will start a resource page with ideas. I got several today.

Sign up to ring the bell for the Salvation Army during their winter fund drive. One mom told me her  3 year old daughter loved ringing the bell and it seemed to get many people to stop by and give their change.

Volunteer to pull weeds at a community garden. What’s not to love? Dirt and kids go very well together. The kids will love the opportunity to help out and get dirty and it will be a funny outing for everyone.

Have a secret sister exchange. This would work well with a mom’s club, book group, cooking club, office event etc. Everyone gets a secret sister. For 3-4 weeks you get your secret sister a little something special. The week before Mother’s Day the secret sisters reveal themselves. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Thanks moms for those great new suggestions!


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