A wonderful connection

915) My new “friend” contacted me a few days ago on Facebook, but I have to admit, I couldn’t really place her. I knew she was living in Vermont near where I had grown up with my dad and the name was so familiar. Finally, even though it embarrassed me to do this, I emailed her back asking if she had been a babysitter for my brother and I. It turns out that not only was she our babysitter over 25 years ago, she had been very close to my father after I had graduated high school and spent a year abroad to Israel. She had found my blog after his death. She told me that my blog helped her feel close to him and that she still quotes him periodically. Since no one she currently knows remembered my dad she continued visiting the blog since it helped her stay feeling connected to him.

She also told me she is fulfilling a dream she has always had to go to Israel herself. My father shared pictures with her after his visit with me in the 1980’s. I literally had chills when I read her email and she and I agreed that “we effect each others lives profoundly..even when we are not aware of it. ”

Never underestimate the connections we have in this world and that seeming miracles of time and place and people are abundant. I look forward to sharing contacts in Israel with my new friend  as well as suggestions for places she should visit.


2 thoughts on “A wonderful connection”

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