Volunteering at school

909) I had signed up to volunteer at school on Tuesday to help with a project. When I showed up they had already completed the assignment. I wandered around the school figuring I could find something to help with that day. I ended up learning about shelving books in the library. It’s one of those tasks like laundry. Even when you finish some there is always more to do. But at least for the moment all the fiction books were back on the shelves. If you ever have a few minutes stop by your school library and see if you can lend a hand. I am sure the librarian will be delighted.

910) Brought my dog to visit with the Rebbetzin. Not sure who enjoyed it more.

911) Made a suggestion to a colleague where she could get information for something she needed.

912) SentĀ  flowers to someone as a surprise.

913) Procured items for our upcoming school auction.

914) Donated items to another school auction.


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