Loaves and Fishes

916) My mom and I volunteered Friday to deliver Valentine-o-grams for Loaves and Fishes. Turned out we knew two of the recipients. Made the experience quite unique this year.

917) Held the door twice today for two different people using a walker.

918) Dropped off a little something for a friend recovering from surgery.

On Saturday, my family and I attended synagogue to celebrate a bat mitzvah. We sat behind a older woman who had a small bag of candy (that was emboidered with the words Shabbat treats) to give out to the children. She handed my children candy about 1/2 hour after we got there when they were first beginning to get wiggly. They were so excited. It was fun to watch all morning as different children continued to come over to get candy. I want to grow up and be the candy lady. She seemed to get so much pleasure just giving – of course it was candy.

Witnessed another mitzvah at the movies this weekend. The gentleman cleaning the theatre between shows found a dollar on the floor. He handed it to a young boy about 10 years old sitting in front of us. I heard his mom comment that when you do good deeds they come back to you. I was genuinely impressed that the janitor passed along the money to a stranger rather than keeping it to himself.


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