A candle in the darkness

Had to share this wonderful mitzvah we received today. This morning my husband and I went to breakfast downtown, a rare treat for us. We arrived at the small well known breakfast cafe and realized that there would be quite a wait. I tried to approach the hostess to ask how long the wait would be. He was quite busy and didn’t have time to answer the question. A minute or so later he came back over and told us a little secret, grab the first seats at the counter. That’s what the regulars do. After we had placed our order he came over again and brought us one of their special muffins compliments of the “Chamber of Commerce of the Cafe”. I asked him if it was okay if I wrote about him on my blog and thanked him for both the secret for faster service and the wonderful muffin he gave us.

924) After breakfast, Aaron and I walked to the local bookstore where we stopped to buy a Streetroots newspaper. The vendor told us there was an article about him in the paper. We went into the store and I read the article. It talked about how he lived in the woods and how a candle is the one item that helps him keep away the loneliness that sets in when he is in the darkness at night. I told Aaron I wanted to buy him some candles and amazingly the bookstore actually sold a package of them. When we brought them out to him he was visible touched. He told us we had no idea how much he appreciated the gift.


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