AM Northwest appearance

I was a guest on AM Northwest yesterday. I haven’t been on television since I was 5 when I went on the Romper Room show. I was very excited but also pretty nervous. Many friends emailed or called me with advice and suggestions. I was really grateful. Despite the incredible butterflies, it was a great experience.

925) My friend who’d had surgery last week had another friend coming to town yesterday to help her. She was flying in and she called to see if I could pick her up at the airport. It was a horrible rainy day but the company of this new acquaintance made it all worth it. We chatted the entire way and it was such a pleasure. I love people so making a new friend is always a delight.

926) Held the door at the television station for a gentleman bringing in some kind of camera equipment in both hands.

927) My daughter and I volunteered to make Hamantaschen at our synagogue. If you haven’t ever heard of the Jewish holiday of Purim we celebrate it each March. One of the symbols of the holiday is triangular shaped cookies called a Hamantashen. For more than 30 years, men and women in my synagogue have gathered to make, bake and sell these cookies as a fundraiser. It is incredibly labor intensive but also an amazing community event. Many, many people volunteer large amounts of time and ingredients to produce the cookies. My daughter really wanted to join me this year and I felt she was old enough now to come along. Some of the older women told her she did a better job than I did shaping the cookies. She loved that.


One thought on “AM Northwest appearance”

  1. Linda, we are both very proud of you — and your appearance on KATU’s AM Northwest program was excellent.

    You didn’t appear the least bit nervous despite your butterflies which are quite natural when one does public appearances. The only cure for those feelings that I’ve ever found is… keep doing them! You sounded great and you looked BEAUTIFUL!

    We look forward to hearing more about your 1000 Mitzvahs website. I have it posted on my blog and will continue to help you in any way possible to achieve your goals.

    E & A

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