Get to know your neighbors

Depending on where you live or how social you are, you may or may not know your neighbors. How fortunate I was yesterday that not only do I have neighbors I know and trust, but one of them was home last week when I needed it.

We have friends who live in the neighborhood but both of the adults in the home work.  After realizing that I had locked myself out of my house, I called on the off chance that they were home. Their youngest daughter,  a teenager, was home sick and was able to give me the spare  key to my house. I felt grateful as I walked over to their home that we had friends in the neighborhood  and on this particular day their sick daughter could do a mitzvah without leaving her home.

930) Over the weekend, we invited friends over at the last minute. I didn’t know what to make for dessert and when I opened the pantry I saw a gift we received from my son’s teacher at the holidays. It was sand art brownies. It took us 10 minutes to make them and they were absolutely delicious. I told my son we should send his teacher a thank you note to tell her how great and easy they were. After dinner my son wrote her a very sweet thank you note.

Received a simple mitzvah yesterday. My son had a play date at 12:30pm. The young boy brought us our newspaper up to our door.


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