938) Today is the Jewish holiday of Purim. Purim is characterized by a public recitation of the Book of Esther,  giving mutual gifts of food and drink (mishloach manot), giving charity to the poor, and a celebratory meal. Purim is a wonderful time for families. Everyone is encouraged to wear costumes, play-act and eat hamentaschen, a delicious cookie. One of the mitzvahs for this holiday is Mishloach Manot  or giving gifts of food to friends. This has become a favorite part of this holiday since  my children were born. Each year they have helped me as we decorate small brown paper bags of food. My son always wants to eat the food we are giving away. I usually try to give the gifts to friends who may not celebrate this part of the holiday. We delivered our gifts both Sunday and Monday. As always it was fun to participate in this mitzvah.

939) Called a friend to let her know her cat was out and eager to get back inside.

940) Made several comments and suggestions to a colleague who requested help on a project.

941) Volunteered in my son’s classroom.

942) Helped someone carry items into their office.


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