Choosing the easy thing or the right thing

951) Sent out information that our school was having an on line raffle so others I knew could participate.

952) Did some Portlandia /DSFO volunteer work.

953) Today when I went to the grocery store with my kids I started speaking with the clerk. They were doing a fundraiser for Jerry’s Kids (Muscular Dystrophy Association). I gave last time I was at the store. But the clerk told me that the store goal was $3200 and that they had already raised over $2200. If they hit there goal it would help send 4 local kids to camp. I donated again.

954) I was so disappointed to find out that a lecture series I attend will be having their  final lecture on the 1st night of Passover. I emailed a colleague from my networking group to see if anyone she knew wanted to purchase the ticket from me. I was figuring if I couldn’t attend at least I could get my money back. She emailed me back that a friend who is battling cancer and receiving chemotherapy couldn’t afford it right now and would love to go. She asked if I might want to “do a mitzvah” and pass it on to her.

I  have to admit my first thought was not yes. However, within a few minutes I thought of all the wonderful gifts I have received from others in this group. I have received support and guidance, won flowers, books, a labeler, free tickets, gift certificates and more through the women in this group.

When I told my kids the story at the end of the day, my son said sometimes there is the easy thing to do and sometimes there is the right thing to do. You chose the right thing. I think he was right!


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